Young people from all over Europe to talk about "Youth Transition" in Brussels

ELFAC was present with some young representatives from Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Italy and Estonia. Chiara Ledda, from Sardignia, was one of them and the author of this news.

Many kids, thinking about their future, express the will to have a family and children (often more than two), but this dream becomes more and more distant due to different dynamics that lead them to postpone more and more these events to the point not to have this chance anymore. But if young people have this wish, why don’t they carry it out? What are the problems that bring them closer to these mechanisms?

It is precisely from questions like this that a workshop on youth transitions was held in Brussels on 18 February. It brought together about 30 young people from 20 to 30 years old, from all over Europe, with the aim of discussing the various existing problems and developing concrete solutions. Among them, some young representatives of large families associations, following the “International Advocacy Workshop” held in Budapest in September 2019. The event was organized by the Hungarian Large Families Association NOE and the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD).

Within the workshop, the students were invited to explore seven main themes:

  1. Inequalities related to education
  2. Decent work and unemployment
  3. Difficulties related to finding a suitable home
  4. Work-family balance
  5. Access to new technologies
  6. Social policies and social integration
  7. Financial difficulties

Despite the different backgrounds of the young participants, multiple proposals have emerged which will subsequently be brought together in a document which will be presented to the members of the European Parliament.Also on 8 February, in the afternoon, a conference was held inside the European Parliament to always talk about youth transitions and to expose what had emerged within the workshop. It was also attended by some members of the Parliament and of the European Commission, who were very interested
to the topics covered.

Young people are eager for freedom, and need a hand to conquer it. A freedom that gives him the opportunity to become the man / woman they have always wanted, in as many ways as possible: find the right job, the right bride, a suitable home, the right way of life etc … And to do this they have need to feel supported by society (at all its levels), which as a family should never abandon their children in times of need, but should rather help them become the best version of themselves every day.

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