What strengthens a family?

(By Dr. Elisabeth Mueller, president of Large Families Association of Germany KRFD)

Children are a blessing

Our children are a great happiness for me. My husband and I come from large families and are happy about children. Our six children came in quick succession, determined and enriched our everyday lives. We dared to do that and we trusted each other.

Family needs strength, patience and confidence that it will work out. We quickly noticed that others perceived us as exotic.  We perceive our life model as fulfilling and joyful. I share this experience with many other multi-child families and it was the decisive impulse that led us to found the Association of large families Germany in 2011.

I found it exciting to see the children grow up: they found their way and have grown together into a team. Each takes responsibility for the other, they complement each other in their talents and abilities. They are not alone in grief and they also learn that success can be celebrated well with others. They learn to appreciate the abilities and talents of their siblings and at the same time to contribute their own gifts.

I find this togetherness fascinating and am convinced that it strengthens the children on their path through life. And not only them. We as parents are also challenged: Heart and mind remain agile, one reckons with everything and learns to keep track of things and acts with intuition, sense of proportion and experience.

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