Virtual Tour in the European Network of Family Friendly Munipalities: 'European Families, resilience and sustainability'

Due to Covid19 crisis, the activities of the Network turn on line, to share best practices, information and a family friendly culture.

GOAL: To visit European family-friendly municipalities and learn about their best practices, and how they reach for the well-being of families.

WHERE / HOW: Study visits will be held virtually via Facebook (or some other appropriate media/tool, like Youtube, Zoom etc.), thus enabling to share experiences and provide ideas with practically no cost.

WHEN: On Wednesday, every two weeks, from 12:00 to 13:00, starting from the middle of June 2020.

WHO: For each family-friendly municipality, there will be several representatives presenting different aspects of family polices: the major (or vice-major), contact person of the municipality, family representative with their experience, representative of family-friendly companies that support family policies, president or vice-president of the local national Large Family Association, scholar (sociologist, demographer, economist…), the network representative, European deputy form EU parliament.

We hereby invite representatives of ELFAC members to reach for contact person of European family friendly municipalities from their countries in order to coordinate this event. Please provide feedback to Raul Sanchez about planned date of presentation until June 10th, and after that the final schedule of presentations will shared among all network members.

For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Raul Sanchez ( or Regina Maroncelli (

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