Vinaròs (Spain) makes a Positive Assessment of the First Edition of the Family Month

The Department of Family, Children and Youth prepared an extensive program of activities in relation to the first edition of the Family Month: + Familia. Educational activities for parents and educators on self-confidence in children led by Joanna Habiak took place. In addition, a family mountain activity was conducted where families from the city were able to share experiences and time with their children and other families. Later, a Family Park was organised with bouncy castles, a baby play area, a soap bubble area, new technologies, even a gastronomic space with crepes and cotton candy.

On the other hand, a raffle was held for four days of internal savings in order to help families in the city reduce household financial expenses. Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration of the “Libèl·lules dels estels Association”, a day was dedicated to neonatal grief, a taboo topic of vital importance nowadays.

The Family Month ended with several workshops, courses and conferences about Baby Lead Weaning, Choking and First Aid, Road Safety and Child restraint systems, organised by Belly&Baby Shop, in collaboration with the Pediatric Emergency Department of Hospital Verge de la Cinta and Local Police of Vinaròs.

“It is the first edition that has been carried out of the Family Month and the balance is more than positive. It has been really hard to coordinate but both organisers and collaborators have put the interests of the family above all else. Thanks to this, it has been possible to hold a magnificent event that has added value to our city and has helped the entire community. I am really delighted with how everything has turned out”, explained Juan Francisco Calvo, City Councillor of Family, Childhood and Youth.

Additionally, The Department of Family, Childhood and Youth, under the guidance of councillor Juan Francisco Calvo, has created a new initiative to congratulate families with newly born children. The proposal consists of sending a personalised letter accompanied by a bib.

“It is time to position ourselves in favour of families. This initiative makes it clear that we are going to work for the well-being of families from the momento of birth”, concluded Juan F. Calvo

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