Turin (Italy): Proposal to join the Italian Network of Family-Friendly Municipalities

Turin plans to join the Network of Municipalities friends of the Family and to activate local development and generative welfare policies in favor of families. The Democratic Party council group proposes it to the Mayor Stefano Lo Russo, who shares the spirit of the project.

The Italian network is promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Municipality of Alghero and the National Association of Large Families. It constitutes a network of over 100 Municipalities which at national level intend to promote policies for family well-being on the basis of the know-how developed by the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Deputy Mayor Michela Favaro, with responsibility for Family Policies and Conciliation, is already ready to undertake a participatory process with institutions and civil society for the definition of a Plan for the families of the City. “The Board will proceed very quickly to formalize membership of the Network with the intention of immediately starting the next” Family in Italy “certification process proposed by the same Trentino agency. It will serve us to enhance the excellent experiences already active in the city such as the Relations and Families Center or the Families Project of Educational Services, and to enrich the offer of services by involving colleagues from the departments with expertise on sport, culture, tourism, transport, trade, street furniture”.

And he continues: “Families need comprehensive answers, from discounts for the use of means of transport to discounts at sports facilities; conciliation services spread across the city and places to obtain information and guidance on the opportunities dedicated to them. But we will also take care of the families visiting Turin so that they find attractive initiatives and proposals. We will start by listening to citizens, the Third Sector, commerce and local businesses by organizing the General States of families. We want to build a shared Family Plan, set concrete objectives and evaluate the effectiveness of our action on those “

This initiative represents an important opportunity for the Italian Large Families Association, which has expressed its wish to participate in the co-design table in a proactive and coherent way to make its contribution to the dissemination of the Network of Family-Friendly Municipalities, and to ensure an effective and substantial impact of the planned actions on the quality of life and well-being of Turin’ families.

After Druento (TO), the first Piedmontese municipality to obtain the “family in Italy” certification, the real possibility is opening up for the Piedmont Region to extend good practices and concrete commitments in favor of families to the whole territory. For the National Association of Large Families, this new horizon will be a source of great commitment. The national coordinators of the Network, Mauro Ledda and Filomena Cappiello declare: “It is a dream that step by step, common by common, is becoming reality. With Turin, the front of the big cities opens up and this confirms that this model of thinking is suitable for large cities as well as small municipalities. “

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