Three Municipalities Join Italian Network of Family-Friendly Municipalities

Marsciano, Deruta and Collazzone officially become National Family Friendly Municipalities

On Saturday, January 20, a beautiful afternoon was spent in Marsciano to celebrate the delivery of the certifications to the municipal administrations, Francesca Mele Mayor of Marsciano, Michele Toniaccini Mayor of Deruta and Anna Lacchettini Mayor of Collazzone, by Mauro Ledda National Coordinator of the Network of Family Friendly Municipalities.

Kudos to the team of assessors present from the other Umbrian municipalities already certified. Also present was our association with the Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Numerose (ANFN) coordinator of Umbria, Vincenzo Aquino, with Elisabetta Mazzeschi, Claudia Spoleti and Rebecca Aisa part of the family policies offices of the municipalities of Foligno, Todi and Marsciano and also ANFN delegate families.

Our association was a valuable driving force in triggering the adoption of this project that will foster concrete family policies in the certified and Network member municipalities.

Also present was Paola Fioroni, Vice President of the Legislative Assembly of the Umbria region, with whom we have begun a journey to support and promote family certification of all the municipalities of Umbria. “It is a dream to see such a large and qualified task force assembled that is working to promote and support the birthrate and family well-being for our families”.

We as an association have believed in it from the beginning and will continue to believe in it, support it and stimulate this virtuous process that puts the family at the center of political actions.”- so declared Vincenzo Aquino, also hoping for the approval of the new regional law for the family that together with the Family Friendly Municipalities project will boost the birth rate and make our region family-friendly.

Also valuable was the presence of Michele Toniaccini, who in addition to being the mayor of Deruta also spoke as the president of Anci Umbria, declaring his intention to promote this project by inviting all Umbrian municipalities to adopt it.

Finally Mauro Ledda launched a proposal to recognize within the year the first regional Convention of the Network of Family Friendly Municipalities and concluded with this ancient and wise proverb “No one can do everything, everyone can do something, together we do everything.”

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