Third Call for Proposals EUI – Innovative Actions

With an indicative budget of EUR 90 million ERDF, the third Call for Proposals of EUI – Innovative Actions is targeting innovative projects focusing on the two topics: ‘Energy transition’ and ‘Technology in cities’.

The third EUI-Innovative Actions (EUI-IA) Call for Proposals is launched now and will close on 14 October 2024 at 14.00 CEST with an allocated indicative budget of EUR 90 million ERDF. Each project can receive up to a maximum of EUR 5 million ERDF co-financing and project implementation should take place within a maximum period of 3,5 years.

Cities interested in applying are invited to begin developing their project proposals as early as possible utilizing the various resources available on this Call page. The following steps are recommended to start with:

  1. Read the third EUI-IA Call topics descriptions.
  2. Develop a project idea in line with one of the topics answering local challenges in your city.
  3. Set up your project partnership by establishing contacts with relevant entities e.g. public and private partners, NGOs, University, SMEs,…
  4. Start co-designing the framework of your project work plan with your project partners and stakeholders.

Topics of the Call

The Call will fund projects to deliver tangible, real-life examples under the topics ‘energy transition’ and ‘technology in cities’.

Topic 1: Energy transition

Under the topic ‘energy transition’, the European Urban Initiative aims at supporting the testing of transferable and scalable innovative solutions in real-life settings for economically viable, smarter and more integrated local energy networks, zero carbon and demand driven while empowering citizens and stakeholders to accelerate the transition.

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Topic 2: Technology in cities

Under the topic ‘technology in cities’ the European Urban Initiative aims at supporting the testing of innovative solutions powered by new technologies in real life settings for better services to citizens and/or for boosting local authorities’ capacities to offer these services, via experimentations that could be replicated at a wider scale with the help of the Cohesion policy investments.

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