The University of Trento has been selected among the best practices in terms of gender equality and work-life balance

The institution was selected among the good practices of ”Horizon Europa”

The European Commission has published a Guide “Horizon Europa” (“Horizon Europe”) on the programmatic actions implemented by European countries in the field of promoting gender equality. The Guide is edited by the General Department of Research and Innovation (Population, Democracy, European Values) of the European Commission.

Among the good practices mentioned, on page 33, there is the University of Trento which is qualified for the actions undertaken in the field of equal opportunities and also of work-life balance. The University of Trento in fact obtained the Family Audit certification in 2015 and the Family Audit Executive certificate in 2018 and is now in the consolidation phase. The comment of Prof. Barbara Poggio of the University of Trento: “Over the last few years, the University of Trento has been strongly committed to gender equity, operating in several areas: from work-life reconciliation, to rebalancing of gender in careers and in the various disciplinary fields, in contrasting discrimination and harassment. An important role in this process was played by the Family Audit certification process, to which UNITN was the first Italian university to join, creating a particularly rich and articulated actions. We are very happy that this commitment is now recognized and valued also within the main European research institutions. “

The University of Trento is the first Italian university to obtain the Family Audit certification. Actions implemented to meet audit requirements included a focus on increasing the flexibility of working time organization. A “time bank” has been introduced for administrative staff that employees can use to leave their jobs in case of emergencies or specific needs. For academic staff, the University has implemented an action to promote the consideration of family and personal needs in the organization of lessons and in the planning of departmental processes. The action plan undertaken by the university also sought to identify and address any gender asymmetries in terms of teaching, research and organizational workloads. This work was undertaken as part of the FP7 funded GARCIA project. “

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