The State of Carinthia (Austria) receives award from the IFFD for promoting family values

The decision of the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) was justified with the efforts of Carinthia to make the federal state the most child and family-friendly region in Europe.

The award ceremony will take place as part of a virtual conference, organized by the IFFD in New York, in the presence of numerous international political decision-makers on February 10 at around 4 p.m. Central European time.

“There is hardly a nicer and more rewarding task than doing everything to offer our children and families a living environment in which they are protected, which offers them equal opportunities and prospects for a fulfilled life. The fact that our efforts are so widely recognized internationally and that our federal state is recognized for them shows how important children and families are for the state government. The award is also another outstanding unique selling point and an essential location factor, and a sign of the successful work of Carinthia on a European and international level. “, Kaiser is pleased in an initial reaction.

“Such an honorable award is not just recognition; Above all, it is also a mandate – a mandate to stay tuned and secure Carinthia as the most child- and family-friendly region with many other large and small measures, ”stresses health and social affairs officer Beate Prettner. She is convinced: “Positioning yourself as the most child- and family-friendly region is not a one-off project, it is an ongoing activity.” And she assures: “We will continue to work with a lot of energy and creativity to make Carinthia a country make that is simply the best place to live for families – from small to large and multi-generational families. “

“This international award underlines once again how important well-thought-out, sustainable measures are in family policy, which on the one hand help those who have a harder time in life and on the other hand promote local value creation in order to close the regional economic cycle. With offers such as the Carinthian family and youth card, opportunities are created so that everyone can participate in social life, ”says family officer Sara Schaar.

Carinthia was proposed for the award by a member of the IFFD’s international board, along with other countries and regions from different continents. One of the decisive factors was the signing of the Venice Declaration, with which the state of Carinthia commits itself to the development and improvement of family life situations. It covers areas such as housing, education, health care, safety and transport right through to new technologies, leisure and tourism. Older people, parents, children and people with disabilities should benefit from the measures taken. Once a year the signatories send a report to the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD), which operates in 70 countries on five continents. Three candidates were shortlisted, the international board made the final decision and awarded the award to the state of Carinthia. Before that, Veneto, Singapore, Barcelona, ​​Estonia and Malta also received the IFFD award. With the award, Carinthia is also allowed to officially use the internationally known logo of the IFFD, and thus visibly underline its efforts for children and families.

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