The Pozoblanco City Council (Spain) announces Literary Awards and Birth Aid Plans

The Pozoblanco City Council has launched two significant initiatives aimed at fostering cultural engagement and supporting local families. Firstly, the Department of Culture and Library, under the guidance of councilor Marisa Sánchez Cámara, has announced the latest edition of its poetry and narrative and literary creation awards for young people. These contests, which have a rich history spanning over 40 years, honour the Virgin of Mercedes and aim to promote literary excellence.

The councilor emphasized the pride the community feels in hosting some of Spain’s longest-running and most prestigious literary competitions. This year’s categories include the 42nd Hilario Ángel Calero Poetry Prize and the 42nd Antonio Porras Prize for Narrative, each offering a prize of 1,700 euros and a plaque. Additionally, the 33rd Youth Prize for Literary Creation, aimed at young authors aged 15 to 19, offers a prize of 1,000 euros and a plaque. Submissions for all categories must be unpublished works written in Spanish and sent in physical format to the Pozoblanco Municipal Library by July 1 at 2:00 p.m. Full details and submission guidelines can be found in the official bases here.

Alongside these cultural efforts, the City Council has also opened applications for financial aid related to birth or adoption under its ongoing Birth Aid plan. Mayor Santiago Cabello highlighted that this initiative aims to ease the financial burdens on families due to the birth or adoption of children, while simultaneously encouraging local commerce. Councillor for Families, Lola García, noted that families with children born or adopted in 2024 are eligible for up to 500 euros per child, with the amount multiplied for multiple births.

The application period for this financial aid remains open until January 31, 2025. Families can find the full requirements and necessary documentation for the Birth Plan here and download the application form here.

These initiatives underscore Pozoblanco City Council’s commitment to both cultural enrichment and family support, reflecting a holistic approach to community development.

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