The network


Exporting the model of the Family Agency of Trentino Province (Italy), the Italian large Families Association and Trentino Province started in October 2017 the Italian Network of Family-Friendly Municipalities. Adding to the model different experiences carried out by other national associations of the European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC), during the 9th. European Large Families Conference in Szczecin (Poland) on June 2, 2018, ELFAC and the Province of Trento signed the agreement to start a new initiative at European level, the European Network of Family-Friendly Municipalities.

The certification

Aim of the Network is to define a common standard of quality family-friendly policies in Europen in order to stablish in a mid-term an European certification.

The network

It’s a new initiative to promote local policies in favour of the wellbeing of families. Mission of the Network is to provide support, tools and resources to European municipalities to develop and improve a family friendly culture through a common process of planning and self-evaluation.

Aims of the Network


To support the life projects of families (specifically large families) to help reconciling home and work life, to encorauge policies that help young people to the transition to adulthood


To create a cultural, social and economic environment favorable, welcoming and attractive to families with children in Europe, promoting a subsidiary culture of family


To build an alliance in favor of families among civil society, municipalities and companies


To work with strategic European Institutions to promote family mainstreaming and an holistic view of family policies


To promote exchanges of good practices, friendship and know how, improve mobility, cultural exchanges, fighting economic and cultural poverty


To support municipalities introducing innovative family policies in order to create a common and shared standard of quality family services and benefits

Benefits for Municipalities

To be included in the European Network Register

European good practices database

Annual conference and annual convention

Technical support

Use of the logo of the Network

Informative newsletter and reports

Training seminars and study visits


To join a vast movement towards a family-friendly Europe

Requirements to join the European Network of Family-Friendly Municipalities


Commitment of the Mayor and the Municipal Council to apply for the Certificate of Family Friendly Municipality within two years.


1. Engagement of family associations. 

2. Services for families (parental education, childcare services, family support including the elderly, mediation, etc.). 

3. Family benefits (allowances, taxation, tickets of transportation, museums, communal services, public services…). 

4. Specific body for families in the municipal council (agency, council member, representatives of families). 

5. Plan or strategy for families and youth policies. 

6. Info point for families (booklets, offices, website, etc.). 

7. Family friendly policies for municipal employees (work-family balance, flexible work-time, etc.). 

8. Housing policies for families. 

9. Family friendly environment (parks, urbanism adapted for families with children, etc.). 

10. Family events.

– All the points have to be specified. – The municipality has to give evidence of partial fulfilment of at least five of these 10 points. – Application to belong to the Network can be renewed after two years if the Municipality was not able to apply for the Certificate of Family Friendly Municipality but is able to give evidence of progress in fulfilling minimum conditions.

How to join the network


The municipality apply to join the network and send us the application and the accomplishment of the basic requirements.


The European Network ask the local partner to verify the application.


The municipality is accepted or not in the European Network by the Executive Committee.