The “family space” inaugurated in Bergamo (Italy)

By Alfio Spitaleri,

Bergamo has a new home for families, students, those who love to paint, those who want to get information, those who want to work on the project of the common family in Europe. It is simply called “Spazio Family” and was inaugurated on April 22 by the councilor Loredana Poli, president, among other things, of the Council for family policies in the city.

To do the honors were Elena and Adriano Rota, the Anfn coordinators of Bergamo, Regina Maroncelli, the president of Elfac from Bergamo, European Confederation of large families and Lidia Parma, president of the Atelier delle Mura Association.

Located in the city center, the Family Space intends to become a point of reference for the territory, for the network of family associations and for the development of the Italian and European Network. A large study area, an area dedicated to the Network’s office activities, a sitting room for more informal chats, the Spazio also features a painting studio that will host children and adults from September.

“This space was created to foster relationships between families in the area, to meet the needs of families in a less formal environment than the Family Center run by the Municipality” recalled Loredana Poli. “We sincerely thank the Municipality of Bergamo and the Councilor Poli who have spent on this initiative – said Elena Rota greeting the attendees – here families know that they can be protagonists and find answers to their needs”.

“This is a dream that comes true – concluded Regina Maroncelli – a place that represents the sense of certification of the common families, the focus on the well-being of families.”

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