The Estonian Association of Large Families launches its first project of crowfunding

The tenth “Children to School“ campaign has ended with a record number of volunteers

The tenth “Children to School“ campaign, organized by the Estonian AssociatIon of Large Families, has ended. A record number of volunteers participated in the initiative this year – 683 volunteers in total. More than 56000 units of school products were collected during this year’s campaign. The association is sincerely grateful to everyone who contributed to the campaign’s success and donated school products for children of large families.

Table footballs and korona tables for children of large families

Hooandja is the crowfunding platform where great ideas find support. The Estonian Association of Large Families has launched its first Hooandja project to gather resources to fulfil children’s dreams. If the project succeeds and receives funding, the association will purchase 8 table footballs and 8 korona tables to its member organizations. The aim of the project is to offer families more opportunities to spend time together, have fun together and connect with other large families.

‘We are sincerely grateful for every small and big contribution. Together we can do more – let’s join forces and provide children a safe environment for playing table football and korona’, says Gatter Rang from the comunication department of the Estonian Large Families Association.

You can find the details of the project and the video here.

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