The Emilia Romagna Forum adheres to the Network of family-friendly municipalities in Italy

With the unanimous resolution of the shareholders’ meeting, held on 11 June, the Forum of Family Associations of Emilia Romagna requested membership in the Network of family-friendly municipalites in Italy, coordinated by the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Municipality of Alghero and the National Association of Numerous Families.

The Network was created to spread a promotional culture throughout the country in support of family well-being by collaborating and supporting other municipal administrations in implementing innovative policies in the public sphere.

On Friday 24 June 2022 the adhesion of the Regional Forum to the Network was officially confirmed. A further stimulus for the Emilia Romagna Forum to urge the public administrations of the Region to join the Network and above all to obtain the ‘Municipality Friend of the Family’ certification.

For more informations about the Network:

Network Family in Italia

Certificazione Family in Italia (marchio ‘comune amico della famiglia)

Source: Forum delle Associazioni Familiari – Sede regionale Emilia Romagna

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