The city of Trento turns blue with the Family Festival!

The eleventh edition will be held from Monday 28 November to Saturday 3 December 2022

11th edition, 24 events, 170 speakers, 2 sponsored by the European Union Parliament and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, 32 local partners. These are the numbers of the 2022 edition of an event loved and awaited by citizens and known at national and European level. Why is the Festival still so relevant after 11 years? Because the family is the beating heart of a society that grows, develops and strengthens around itself a system of services, infrastructures, initiatives and events: summing up in a concept, and recalling the slogan of the Trentino event, “if family, society and the economy grow ”. The program this year is even richer and offers cultural, recreational and sporting events, aimed at families, and scientific seminars aimed purely at professionals and sector bodies, but open to all and free of charge also to citizens. Dates: preceded by some pre-festival events, which fall on the weekend of 26 and 27 November, the event officially opens its doors on Monday 28 November at 10.00 with the inaugural event at the Castello del Buonconsiglio. To participate in the events, registration is required through the individual online forms published on the site:  (section “Festival Appointments”).

All 24 appointments on the calendar have been constructed by declining the  leitmotif of the  eleventh edition of the Trento Family Festival:  “Social cohesion, territorial welfare and quality of life. The centrality of policies on family well-being to promote competitiveness, attractiveness and local development. ” 

The event is promoted by the Department of Family Policies of the Autonomous Province of Trento and is coordinated by the Provincial Agency for Social Cohesion.This year’s novelty comes from across the border: given the international significance of the content covered, the Festival has received two important awards, namely  the high patronage of the European Parliament  and the patronage of the Department for Family Policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. National and European recognition gives prestige to the event which for years has been actively committed to promoting and disseminating, locally, nationally and internationally, the unavoidable need to invest in family well-being policies, as guarantors of growth and a future for the communities.

The Festival will be held in various locations in Trento,  from Monday 28 November to Saturday 3 December 2022  (with some related pre-festival events on 26 and 27 November). The Social Cohesion Agency has published it on the website  the rich range of events on the calendar, which again this year makes use of a synergistic network of public and private partners to offer the community a wide and varied range of appointments. 24 scheduled events, from thematic seminars to book presentations, from journalistic competitions to cultural and artistic events (art exhibitions, theatrical performances, sporting events for families).

PARTNERS : Department for Family Policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, PAT Family Policies Office, PAT Cultural Activities and Production Service, PAT Equal Opportunities, Iprase, PAT Education Department, Consortium of Trentini Municipalities, Municipality of Trento, Poste Italiane, Studio Bonanno, Family districts, Tsm-Trentino School of Management, Famiglia Cristiana, Coni Trento Committee, Franco Demarchi Foundation, University of Trento, PAT civil service, Sanifonds Trentino, Confindustria, PAT Family Audit Office, Caritro Foundation, EuregioFamilyPass, Network Family in Italy, UISP (Italian Union of Sport for All). 


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