The 12th Annual Krakow (Poland) Family Festival

During a three-day celebration of family values, intergenerational encounters, sports, culture and art,
families take part in picnics, urban games, trips, plays, exhibitions and workshops organised by
Krakow’s various institutions. The event was crowned by a picnic around the Tauron Arena Krakow
on the 26th of May. The programme featured intergenerational games and activities, sports events
and competitions. The picnic zones offered shows, demonstrations and activities connected with
environmental protection and taking care of nature. The headline of this year’s Family Festival was
Family and Ecology.

The Krakow Family Festival is organised as part of the “Krakow Bets on Family” campaign. In 2024,
the 12th edition of this event took place and has become a permanent part of the cultural and
family landscape of Krakow.

The festival was organised in a three-day formula – May 24 to 26th 2024 – and was very well received
by the residents of the city. The three-day celebration formula was introduced in 2021 to encourage
Krakow’s inhabitants to leave their homes after the closure period caused by the COVID-19
pandemic, and at the same time to show the rich and diverse offer of the City for Krakow’s families.
This year, activities for families were organised again, simultaneously in various locations in Krakow,
in municipalities and commercial entities. Institutions carrying out activities for Krakow families (children,
youth and seniors), as well as those caring for greenery, nature education, health, safety, physical
development and culture were invited to participate in the event.

This year’s edition motto was: “Family and Ecology” and was largely devoted to issues such as
ecological education, contact with nature, and active forms of spending time outdoors.
During three days, large numbers of families (approx. 20,000 people) took part in picnics, city and
outdoor games, competitions, workshops, shows and exhibitions prepared by Youth Cultural Centres
and Cultural Centres. On these days, theatres and museums invited Krakow’s inhabitants to
exhibitions, workshops, performances and trips. Clubs and sports centres encouraged participation in
various sports activities, e.g. fitness, aerobics, etc. Over 100 municipalities and commercial entities were
involved in organising events related to the Krakow Family Festival.

The highlight of the Festival was an outdoor event organised on Sunday, 26th May 2024, in the green
areas of Tauron Arena Krakow (one of the largest park in Krakow). During this year’s event, families
could actively spend time together; it is estimated that over 15,000 people took part in various
shows, workshops and competitions. Families had the opportunity to benefit from advice and tests
(including mammography in accordance with the National Health Fund’s reimbursement rules)
provided by health care workers. Interesting shows and plenty of attractions, not only for the
youngest, were prepared by representatives of the uniformed services (army, police, city guards,
border guards and fire brigades). There was also a main stage where the students of Youth Homes
and Cultural Centres presented their talents like singing and performing.

The people of Krakow generously took advantage of the opportunity to share the priceless gift of
blood in the collection run by the Regional Centre for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment. During
festival 21 whole units of blood was drew, as well as numerous people through registration joined
the database of bone marrow donors.

Employees of the Krakow Shelter for Homeless Animals encouraged thoughtful adoptions and
support for the shelter’s residents. The final touch to the joyful celebration for the youngest was the
free interactive playground area for children.

The Krakow Family Festival is an integrating, multi-generational family meeting for the inhabitants of
Krakow, presenting a rich and diverse offer of cultural, sports and recreational activities prepared by
city and commercial institutions for every member of family.

Our aim is to show our residents and city guests that Krakow is a family-friendly city, attractive as a
place to live and stay, caring for the development, health and safety.

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