Spain: A Day Out for Youth in Pozoblanco and Surrounding Municipalities

Children’s Council Visit to the Parliament of Andalusia

A few days ago, the Local Children’s Council of Pozoblanco, Dos Torres, El Guijo, and Alcaracejos had an exceptional experience with a visit to the Parliament of Andalusia in Seville. The young representatives passionately presented the concerns and needs of the youth from the Valley of the Pedroches, demonstrating their commitment to the community’s future.

The children were warmly welcomed by Jesús Aguirre, the president of Parliament, who engaged with them in meaningful dialogue. Araceli Cabello also provided an insightful tour, explaining the intricate workings of the Plenary Hall and the legislative process.

The day was perfectly capped off with a thrilling visit to the Isla Mágica park, where the children enjoyed numerous attractions and created lasting memories. It was an unforgettable experience that combined education, civic engagement, and fun! (Attached photos)

Córdoba 1 Active Participation Center Visit

On Friday, May 31, Pozoblanco had the distinct pleasure of hosting the Córdoba 1 Active Participation Center. Despite the heat, the enthusiastic group embarked on an enriching tour of our historic city, discovering its many treasures.

The tour featured several iconic landmarks, including the majestic Plaza de Toros, the historic parish of San Bartolomé, the picturesque Ramblilla, the charming Plaza del Pozo Viejo, the architecturally significant Casa de la Viga, and the culturally rich Marcos Redondo Museum. Each stop provided a deeper appreciation of Pozoblanco’s heritage and vibrant community spirit.

The day concluded with a visit to COVAP, where the group learned about the local agricultural cooperative’s impact on the region. A delightful lunch at a local restaurant followed, offering a taste of Pozoblanco’s culinary delights.

We know you were left wanting more! The warmth and hospitality of Pozoblanco await your next visit, where more adventures and discoveries are sure to unfold. We look forward to welcoming you back with open arms.

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