Slovakia: 140 book packages for children were distributed by the Large Families Association of Mátyusföld

The Large Family Association of Mátyusföld handed out 140 book packages in the following places in Slovakia: “Nagymácséd”, “Tartoskedd”, “Galánta”, “Nádszeg”, “Pered” and “Fél”. These book packages were donated by the support of Hungarian Government. 

Since all type of gatherings in Slovakia were restricted, we decided to hand out these book packages in smaller groups. Families were very happy, and several young children have already unpacked the package on the spot. There is still a great tradition of reading in our member families, and it was visible also at the distribution events. All these books were received by appreciation in all ages, so that everyone could find their favorite reading material.

Unfortunately, we are in a difficult time, but we still try to keep our families together. By the way in this spring we organized even more events, which the most important one was celebration of matrimonial week. It was an organized ceremony where we spent some time together and congratulated our jubilant couples for their tenth, twentieth, thirtieth and fiftieth wedding anniversary. Then we discussed our actions and suggestions related to the current family policy.

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