Presolana (Italy): It is born the Presolana Family Soccer Team

On the evening of Friday 1 April at the sportive center in Cerete Alto (Bergamo) the Presolana Family Soccer Team was presented, made up of the numerous fathers of the five municipalities of the Presolana district certified family friendly: 18 fathers and 70 children.
The extraordinary intuition of Stefano who with Nadia is the delegated family for the realization of the project Comuni Amici della Famiglia gave birth to the team to offer both moments of leisure and fun, but above all to witness the beauty and joy of being a family and a large family.
These sporting dads are aware that before being footballers there are numerous dads, happy and proud of their families, open to life, who responsibly and generously welcome their children as a gift of love, certain that without children there is no future.
And just as in a football match, to obtain good results, everyone’s collaboration is required, favoring the success of the team and sacrificing personal success, so also in the experience of family life, for the well-being of all members, team play is essential.

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