Population diversity and social cohesion: What works at the local level?

This policy brief reviews recent population trends and the potential for policy changes from a European comparative perspective and presents policy recommendations for local decision makers and community leaders.

In several meetings with experts from science, politics and society, the Regional Population Diversity and Social Cohesion in the Local Context focused on reviewing recent population trends, the potential for policy changes, as well as possible best practices from a European comparative perspective. The goal of this policy brief is to summarise the policy-related results of this transdisciplinary and transnational dialogue. Based on the up-to-date scientific data and practical knowledge shared by 64 eminent experts, we provide an overview of the challenges and policy recommendations for local decision makers and community leaders.

Key messages

  • Having older and younger people as equal partners in designing and implementing local policies and planning activities is key to maintaining social cohesion and mitigating youth outmigration. 
  • Newcomers can be a source of improvement to the quality of life in regions feeling “left behind” as long as the structural problems in the region are addressed properly. Newcomers will make the need for improvements to healthcare and school systems, transportation, digital infrastructure and housing more visible and vital.

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