October 28 – National Day of Large Families in Romania – Legislative proposal

Romanian Large Families Association supported the initiation of a new law in favour of large families. At the beginning of November 2020, the legislative proposal on declaring October 28 – the National Day of Large Families was submitted to the Senate.

The establishment of an official day to celebrate large families is perfectly aligned with the international celebration of the family because it marks the importance that the community attaches to families with more children. The declaration of a national day of large families is an act of appreciation by the Romanian state for these families, meant to promote important values in the family and to increase society’s awareness of their problems and needs.

The choice of October 28 as the National Day of Large Families is related to the date when Romanian Orthodox Church honors the Holy Martyrs Terentius and Neonila, his wife, and their seven sons, martyred for their faith.

How this day will be celebrated?

According to the draft law, the specific activities of this day could be represented by public events, socio-cultural events and actions dedicated to large families in order to encourage the involvement of both central or local public administration authorities and civil society, public and private institutions , of associations, organizations and churches.

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