The President of the Hellenic Republic met with ASPE, the Greek Large Families Association

The 1st Sunday of November has been defined by Law in Greece as the National Large Family Day in Greece. To celebrate this day, The President of the Hellenic Republic Mr Prokopios Pavlopoulos met with members of the Executive Bureau of ASPE, a member of ELFAC, together with a few Large Family parents.

In the welcome statement, the President of the Republic said that on this occasion, he would like to bring forward again the truth that family is the foundation stone of society and large families are the kernel of families. It is due to these families that social cohesion has avoided the risk of rupturing and dismantling.

Mr Pavlopoulos also stressed the importance of the Constitutional demand regarding the obligation of the State to provide special protection and care to large families.

He concluded by praising ASPE’s work and wishing its continuation. Then, a fruitful discussion between the President of the Republic and ASPE about family issues took place.

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