ADDRESS: Plaza Parroquial, 12, Vinaròs, Castellón, Spain

PHONE: +34964407700


Vinaròs is a city located in eastern Spain, between Valencia and Barcelona.

The population is around 30,000 inhabitants, many of them are over 65 years old and a lot of them live alone. Those over 40 years old are the majority of the municipality’s population. While young people are usually few. Furthermore, births are not increasing. Fortunately, you can still see families but not as many as in the 80s when you could see the streets full of young families with children running, playing soccer or riding bicycles.

Vinaròs is a fishing harbour and tourist destination. it is renowned for its tasty prawns. The British, French and Dutch tourists who visited us loved this. Now, politically, we find a government that is excited and eager to work for and for families.

The Carnival of Vinaròs usually takes place during January, February, or March. It has 33 troupes composed of many people (the biggest troupe has around 550 members). Each troupe is represented by a queen who creates a spectacular costume.