NAME: Vila Franca de Xira

ADDRESS: Praça Afonso de Albuquerque

PHONE: +351263285600


Area: 317,7 square meters Parishes: Parish Union of Alhandra, São João dos Montes and Calhandriz; Parish Union of Alverca do Ribatejo and Sobralinho; Parish Union of Castanheira do Ribatejo and Cachoeiras; Parish Union of Póvoa de Santa Iria and Forte da Casa; Parish of Vialonga and Parish of Vila Franca de Xira Resident Population: 137.540 (source: Censos 2021) Population Density: 429, 7 hab./sq meters Located less than 30 km from Lisbon (Portugal’s capital city), the Municipality of Vila Franca de Xira is admired for its characteristic trilogy: the Tagus river, the Lezírias (plain) and the mountains.

lts gastronomy is bound to fishing and rural work activities. The fried shad with roes bread stew and the “Vila Franca chicken soup” represent the traditional flavors, which are enriched with the municipality wine production of “Encostas de Xira” wine, which has already been distinguished with both national and international awards. The Festa Brava (celebrations regarding bull traditions) is one its main identities. Riders, bullfighters, campinos (horseback riders who drive cattle) and forcados (group of men that challenge the bull with their bare hands in a bullfight), are typical Vila Franca de Xira’s tradition representatives, in Portugal and around the world.

Some of the municipality’s ex-libris are the centenary bullfight arena, the Marechal Carmona Bridge and also the ancient urban centers, the municipal farms, the 12 km of river Tagus side walk and urbans parks of leisure and pysical activities, the bird watching visiting space called EVOA, the Neo­Realism Museum and the Municipal Museum – guardians of the cultural identity and history of the municipality, as well as the “Fábrica das Palavras” library, an iconic building. Vila Franca de Xira is caracterized by its hospitality, distinctiveness and traditions, still untouched and proudly promoted nowadays.