ADDRESS: Via G. Garibaldi n. 2 - 38070 Stenico (TN)

PHONE: 0465/771024


A majestic castle, a foaming waterfall and an enchanted forest, all this you can find in Stenico. The symbol of the village is its Castle, one of the most important in Trentino and the residence of the prince Bishop of Trento in the past. Standing atop a rocky buttress and dominating the whole valley, this imposing mediaeval fortress, elegant Renaissance home and Austro-Hungarian barracks during World War I is one of the best preserved in the whole of Trentino.

Not far from the castle, the waters of the Rio Bianco waterfall are as white as snow. From the castle, you can see them in the distance and hear their roar. But it is from the bridge above the cascade that you really appreeciate their raw power.

In Stenico there is also a botanica garden, with many plants and flowers. Stenico is famous for bosco arte Stenico as well, an open.air museum made entirely from nature’s gifts. a contemporary art. trail. The works of art have been made using forest materials. Works of art which nature transforms with the changing of the seasons and the passing of time.

At the end, the museum par Ieri, an Ethnographic Museum. Located at the foot of the castle, it features 3,000 objects from local culture. A trove of authentic life stories.