ADDRESS: Piazza del Municipio n. 1 - Frazione Banco - 38010 Sanzeno (TN)

PHONE: 0463/434167


The Municipality of Sanzeno is located in the middle of Non Valley at 641 msl, in the Autonomous Province of Trento. It comprises three main villages which are Sanzeno, Banco and Casez. It has around nine hundred inhabitants and the main economic activity is apple cultivation.

This municipality offers a wide range of activities, from the discovery of history, art and popular devotion to active and adventurous experiences. Sanzeno has an ancient history: you can visit the Rhaetic Museum, Casa de Gentili and the Basilica dei Santi Martiri. Another important religious site is the Sanctuary of San Romedio. If you like to stay outdoors in each village you can find a playground.

If you are adventurous, you can take the stunning and scenic path dug in the rock that goes from Sanzeno to the Sanctuary of San Romedio and then you can reach Lake Santa Giustina from Banco and explore the lake and its gorges on a kayak to gain a new perspective.