NAME: Pinhel

ADDRESS: Largo Ministro Duarte Pacheco, n.º8

PHONE: +351271410000


Pinhel’s Municipality is located between Serra da Estrela and Serra da Marofa (mountains), distancing 30 km from Spain. Its territory extends over an area of 480 km2, divided by 18 parish councils and with a total of 8500 inhabitants. Located on a hilltop, Pinhel stands at 660m high on the left bank of the Côa River. Its origins date back to the chalcolithic period, however there are some older testaments of life in the municipality, such as rock carvings and painting on the Côa Valley in Cidadelhe.

Pinhel’s castle, endeared during King Dinis’s reign and with a watchmen’s tower from King Manuel’s reign, is surrounded by a defensive wall with about 800 meters long, which one may walk on due to the recently requalify “Watchmen’s Path”. The houses dating back to the XVI century, located on Santa Maria’s street, stand witness to a Jewish presence in the city. From the XVII and XVIII centuries the Noble Mannors, scattered all over the oldest part of our city, stand out from the rest of the urban landscape for its magnificence and exquisite decorative elements. Every season of the year is perfect to visit Pinhel, however it is worth mentioning some events that give an extra appeal to the tourist.

The Traditions’ Fair (the weekend before Carnival’s day), the Medieval’s Fair (on the first weekend of June), the City’s Celebration day (in August), Beira Interior-Wine and Flavours trade’s fair (third weekend in November) and Pinhel’s Christmas (in December) are some of the events that take place in a municipality that doesn’t stop.