ADDRESS: Piazza Giovanni Buffa n. 1 - Pieve Tesino (TN), 38050

PHONE: 0461/594122


Pieve Tesino is located at 843 meters above sea level, has 635 inhabitants and from 2021 it has become part of “The most beautiful villages in Italy”. Pieve Tesino is the birthplace of the italian statesman Alcide De Gasperi. Today, in his birthplace, there is a museum where visitors can discover the life of De Gasperi. This place of remembrance was the first Italian site awarded the European Marchio of Patrimonio in 2015. Near De Gasperi museum there is the Per Via museum where it is told the story of those who from the 1600s ventured along the streets of Europe to sell prints and other merchandise.

The first Italian Pro Loco was founded here in 1881 to make the territory beautiful ad welcoming. Pieve Tesino is the ideal location for healthy walks and trekking at all levels in a unique environment. Furthermore, it is the ideal place for excursions by bike or on foot. Spending a day of sport at the Tesino Golf Club “La Farfalla” is also a particular experience.

Worth to be visited is the Arboreto, with trees from all over the world. Here there is the Garden of Europe with a hemicycle shape that recalls the ancient theatre. The Arboreto is accessible all year round and during the different seasons, it is always possible to see a great variety of flowers. The garden represents the European Parliament and it is inserted in a continental circuit of four gardens dedicated to more statesmen, whose houses Maison Monnet, Adenauer-Haus and Maison Schuman form the network of the Houses of Founding Fathers of Europe.

The Garden of Pieve Tesino distinguishes itself for being the only one that is located at 850 meters above sea level in the Alpine area. For high altitude lovers there is the Cima d’Asta massif, situated at an altitude of 2,480 meters with the possibility of climbing up to the 2,847 meter of Mount of Zimon.

For taste lovers there is Malga Telvagola, where it is possible to taste cheese and milk products during the summer time. Moreover, there is the opportunity of joining the “Adopt a cow” project, which allows people to support the zero-kilometer economy of a mountain activity.