ADDRESS: Praça do Município, Penafiel, 4560-002 Portugal

PHONE: +351 255710700


The municipality of Penafiel is located in Porto, in the northern region of Portugal and sub- region of Tâmega e Sousa, with an area of 212.24 km2, hosting around 72 625 inhabitants. Penafiel is in a unique and happy circumstance of being crossed by five rivers – Douro, Tâ mega, Sousa, Cavalum and Rio Mau. This unique geography makes Penafiel a city full of truly exceptional natural landscapes.

Populated for more than two thousand years, Penafiel’s territory is an authentic open-air museum, where you find traces of heritage, history and culture at every corner. Our deep-rooted traditions, the richness of the land and it´s products, and the talent of our people, have made Penafiel to an unavoidable gastronomy destination. Penafiel’s municipality has received in 2019 for the fourt consecutive years the status of ”Municipio Amigo das Familias” (families friend municipality), and for the second time the “Palma“ (medal) distinction, awards given by the Observatory of the Most Family Oriented Municipalities.
In Penafiel, families are also entitled to a reduced family price for water consumption; 50% reduction in admissions for cultural, sports and recreationaI shows, among others; 50% reduction in municipal swimming pools; 50% reduction in educational and sport holiday’ costs for young children, with the offer of the Municipal Card for Numerous Families; psychological and social support to families with economic needs and/or risk of social exclusion; economic support for renting purposes or medication, among many others.