NAME: Ozieri

ADDRESS: Via Vittorio Veneto, 11 - 07014 OZIERI (SS)

PHONE: +39079781244


Ozieri is a town in the province of Sassari with some 10.000 inhabitants. For a long time Ozieri has been considered as the capital of the historical region of Logudoro.

Given its hilly terrain, Ozieri’s city centre lies in the shape of an amphitheatre surrounded by a web of narrow roads and countless steps. In the historical centre one can see both aristocratic buildings of Spanish origins and elegant buildings from the nineteenth century. Since the eighteenth century the economy of Ozieri has relied on cattle breeding and dairy production.

To this very day the cattle fair that takes place in the town every year is one of the most important regional events in the sector. Ozieri, which is the seat of a bishopric, offers important services (health, education, transportation and administrative offices). Trade and crafts are organised mainly by small businesses that operate prevalently in the construction industry.