NAME: Ourique

ADDRESS: Avenida 25 de Abril, 26

PHONE: +351286510400


The Municipality of Ourique is a rural territory in the district of Beja, in the Baixo Alentejo region, in the south of Portugal, with a resident population of 4,839 citizens, in 2021, of which 10% are children and young people between 0 and 14 years old, and 55% between 15 and 65 years old.

Over the last few decades, the Municipality of Ourique has implemented a wide range of municipal social support for children, young people, families and the senior population, allowing the creation of better living conditions. Through the Office of Social Action of the Municipality of Ourique, responses are developed and implemented for the different problems that affect families in the municipality of Ourique, in a multidimensional, inter-institutional and articulating perspective, as a result of the various projects and initiatives in force, which make the municipality of Ourique a reference at national level.

Among the ideas, projects and initiatives that make up the wide range of municipal social support, the following stand out: ■ Permanent Social Assistance ■ Social Support for Domestic Arrangements ■ Mobile Service Station for Citizens ■ Domestic Arrangements ■ Scholarships ■ Birth Incentive ■ Social habitation ■ Social network ■ Solidarity Space ■ Mobile Health Unit ■ Transport ‘Serra Acima’ ■ Municipal Subsidy of Medicines ■ Psychology Office ■ Assistance and Social Monitoring Service ■ Projects and Partnerships ■ Other activities