NAME: Onore

ADDRESS: Via Sant'Antonio, 94, Onore (BG)

PHONE: +39034671191


Onore is a municipality in the Province of Bergamo in the Italian region of Lombardy, located about 80 kilometres northeast of Milan and about 35 kilometres northeast of Bergamo. As of 31 December 2022, it had a population of 924 and an area of 11.6 square kilometres (4.5 sq mi).

As two wide wings, Onore extends on both sides of Gera river.
On the left side, Righenzolo, Dadi and Mount Varro valleys deeply cut the low mountains around, opening the North Weast into broad gently sloping surfaces hanging on the main valley bottom.
The centre of Onore is now divided in two parts: one to the North of the Church and one to the East. The northern part lies at the foot of the Castello hill and is built around an irregular square.

The one to the East if the church features both elegant and rural buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. Contrada Danghel, to the East, is separated from the
centre: consisting of farmers’ houses, it features some late medieval buildings and some more recent houses.
Most work of art can be seen in the Parish Church dedicated to S. Maria Assunta, with paintings by Domenico Carpinoni, Pase Pace and Lattanzio Querena, as well as wooden sculptures by the Fantoni’s workshop. There are also several devotional paintings in various civil buildings and aedicules.

In the past, Onore’s economy was mainly based on agriculture and animal farming, hence wool production. Lime, obtained by cooking the local limestone, was another important local product. The local population was also engaged in forestry-related activities, due to the rich woodland around the village. Today the population also works in the tourism sector, which has developed strongly in the last 20 years.