ADDRESS: Piazza Municipio - 09028 Nuraminis (CA), 09028 ITALY

PHONE: +39 070/7574705


Nuraminis is a town of 2369 inhabitants in the province of Southern Sardinia, at 93 meters above sea level. The town, less than 30 km from the capital, is reached by the main road Sardinian, the SS 131 of Carlo Felice, which develops to the west of the town and which at the time of the Romans it was the normal route of penetration towards the north of the island.

The town has been frequented by man since ancient times and its territory flat is rich in numerous cultural, environmental and archaeological assets. In the urban center there is the parish church of San Pietro Apostolo, built in Gothic-Catalan style subsequently remodeled, located in a high position overlooking the district. Not far from the parish is the Montegranatico, which has fulfilled its function as a warehouse for the harvest of grain up to half of the seventies of the last century. Other important churches outside the town of Nuraminis are the church of San Vito, patron saint of the Villagreca hamlet and the ancient one rural church of San Lussorio martyr located a few kilometers from the center inhabited, between Nuraminis and Serramanna.

Among the main festivals and fairs that take place in Nuraminis, the feast of Patron saint San Pietro Apostolo, San Lussorio, Sant’Antonio Abate, Sant’Isidoro farmer, the Madonna del Carmine, the Presentation in the Temple also called the Candelora and San Vito in the hamlet of Villagreca.