NAME: Nelas

ADDRESS: Largo do Município

PHONE: +351232941300


Born from the liberal reforms of the last century, which rationalized the chaotic local administration, with the existence of more than 800 municipalities struggling with lack of resources, the Municipality of Nelas brought together the previous Municipalities of Senhorim (based in Vilar Seco) and Canas de Senhorim.

By Decree of 9 december 1852, being Queen of Portugal D. Maria II and Minister of the Kingdom Rodrigo da Fonseca Magalhães, the Municipalities of Senhorim and Canas de Senhorim were united in a single municipality with the name of Municipality of Nelas. ln the 162 years that followed, the Municipality of Nelas walked towards a growing affirmation, benefiting from a privileged geographical situation, at the intersection of the roads that lead to the coast and Serra da Estrela as well as the passage of the rallway. This geographical factor, allied to the dynamism of its people, made Nelas, throughout the century, XX, assumed the industrial primacy in the District of Viseu. First with the Electric Ovens and Minas da Urgeiriça, in Canas de Senhorim, nowadays, after the decline of those companies, with the industrialization outbreak in Nelas. Proud of the radiant present that it was able to build, the Municipality of Nelas is, however, facing the future, seeking to take advantage of all the potential that the Dão Region, of which it is the heart, can provide. This is how it is with Wine, the region’s reference brand. The best Dão wines are produced in Nelas, the Center for Wine Studies is located here, and in September tha Dão Wine Festival/Fair is held, the biggest event to promote this product. But, associated with wine, we also have a magnificent Queijo da Serra, whose Demarcated Region we are part of, and a rich gastronomy, evident in excellent restaurants in the Municipality. Another reference product, Olive Oil, manufactured in a modern, functional and ecological mill. This region, located between the Dão and the Mondego, bordered further by the Serra da Estrela and Serra do Caramulo, has a rare beauty. Therefore, tourism has enormous potential here, whether to enjoy an unparalleled natural landscape, or to enjoy the thermal wealth of modern Caldas da Felgueira, or to visit and admire the valuable architectural heritage. We refer to the manor houses and manor houses, testimonies of a rich historical past.

Finally, the industry. As a result of an intelligent and pioneering industrialization policy, modern companies were installed in the Municipality of Nelas, which created jobs for the entire region and generated enough income to start commerce and services. The Municipality of Nelas belongs to the District of Viseu, it borders the Municipality of Mangualde to the East and the Municipality of Carregal do Sal to the West. lt is located on the right bank of the River Mondego, which separates it from the Municipalities of Seia and Oliveira do Hospital, and on the left bank of the River Dão, which separates it from the Municipality of Viseu. The Municipality of Nelas is divided into 7 parishes: Canas de Senhorim, Carvalhal Redondo and Aguieira, Lapa do Lobo, Nelas, Santar and Moreira, Senhorim and Vilar Seco.