NAME: Monserrato

ADDRESS: Via San Lorenzo, n.1

PHONE: +39 3280944268


Monserrato has been an autonomous municipality since 1991, after about 70 years in which it has been fraction of Cagliari. It is characterized by a non socio-economic fabric certainly rich, who for years suffered the fact of having been a suburb of the city ​​of Cagliari.

When Monserrato was still a fraction they were born in outskirts of the country large buildings and neighborhoods, inhabited by non-native people of Monserrato which, above all initially, were not incorporated into the social fabric monserratino, hence the name of “dormitory city”.

Apart from the cooperative winery, there are no productive settlements in the area of relief. The presence of the University Hospital and the University are the new ones strategic poles for local economic development, which leverage on the creation of a system of services, to satisfy the demand of a pool of users.