ADDRESS: Piazza Alcide de Gasperi - Lasino, 25, 38076

PHONE: 0461/564141


Madruzzo is an Italian Municipality found in the Autonomous Province of Trento, in the territory of Valle dei Laghi. The Municipality is born in 2016 from the merging of preexisting Calavino and Lasino Municipalities. Its surface is 29 kmq, with a population of 2.880 inhabitants.

In particular, the Municipality of Madruzzo will benefit from the demonstration of the climate change adaptation solutions:

  • Future scenarios of climate and hydrological conditions, water availability and land use change, for planning the management of future water and land use conflicts in the area of the Biodistrict Valle dei Laghi in an integrated and sustainable way.
  • An innovative Decision Support System fro an integrated and sustainable management of water concurrent uses in the Valle dei Laghi area (irrigatin, hydropower exploitation, ecosystems balance,…), fed by tailored seasonal hydrological forecasts.
  • Innovative insurance and financing schemes for protection against losses in agriculture, forestry and hydropower production from small-size systems, developed on the basis of the assessment of climate change related risks and extreme events in the Valle dei Laghi area, with the support of the ITAS insurance Group based in Trento.
  • A co-created integrated risk management strategy for the Valle dei Laghi area, based on flexible preparedness, recovery and response measures, that will help bridging the gap between disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. Tools for the exploitation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage as triggers for behavioral changes fro climate change adaptation and resilience.
  • Risks maps and performance coefficients to facilitate the win-win combination of adaptation and mitigation (low-carbon) measures for historic bruildings.