NAME: Lublin

ADDRESS: Lublin Plac Króla Władysława Łokietka 1

PHONE: +48 81 466 2000 , +48 81 466 1000


Lublin is a modern city that is in the lead among family-friendly cities in Poland. It has been recognised a number of times for its family policies in Poland and Europe. Lublin has supported families for years, and appreciates their role in local community, culture or social co-responsibility.

Thus, it provides families with tools to have a real say in co-creating, and developing the city to the benefit of the entire community. When doing things together, not only do we increase a sense of security for Lublin families, support their development and potential, but we also make sure that children, parents and seniors are comfortable to reach out for help. Introduced 10 years ago, ‘Family Three Plus’ programme testifies precisely to that.

A scheme like this was introduced in Lubelskie for the first time, and as one of the first in Poland. ‘Three Plus’ gave momentum to other Polish municipalities to take pro-family measures, and to be a role model for ‘Large Family Card’. Lublin has a lot to show on a European forum. Especially, as it is the first Polish city to be European Youth Capital for 2023.