NAME: Gouveia

ADDRESS: Avenida 25 de Abril

PHONE: +351238490210


Situated on the northern slope of Serra da Estrela, Gouveia is the entry par excellence for the highest mountain in Portugal. Its natural landscape, filled with rock formations sculpted by the passage of the Mondego River, is home of an immense biodiversity made up of absolutely unique fauna and flora.

The vineyards and pastures that add color and texture are signs of a happy marriage between man and the mountains and are responsible for the production of some of the greatest national delicacies: the famous Serra da Estrela cheese and the unmistakable wine of the Dão, Sub Demarcated Region of Serra da Estrela, which are made known at the table, as required by the typical mountain hospitality.

The relentless character of the highest mountain in Portugal is also reflected in the identity, culture and art of this land, which gave the world the literature of Vergílio Ferreira and the painting of Abel Manta.