NAME: Fundão

ADDRESS: Praça do Município

PHONE: +351275779060


Fundão is located in the Castelo Branco district, Central region (NUT II), Cova da Beira sub-region (NUT III) and occupies an area of approximately 700km2. With a population of 26,509 inhabitants and a population density of 37.9 inhab/km2.

The Municipality of Fundão has been focusing, over the last few years, on a strategy to attract investment, create jobs and foster innovation with the aim of promoting the diversification of the local economy and a socio-economic development adapted to the dynamics of the current economy marked by globalization and digitalisation.

At the social level, much progress has already been made, always taking into account what society “asks” and its needs. The Municipality of Fundão has been a Family Responsible Municipality since 2005, demonstrating the concern that exists with the family and the community for a long time.

Below we list some of the services we already have: Office for Equality and Victim Support, Municipal Plan for Equality and Non-Discrimination and Shelter Center Family Support Office – operating permanently, with a technical team from the CMF Municipal Plan for the lntegration of Migrants, based on concerns about migrants who may find themselves in a disadvantaged social situation Municipal Commission for the Protection of the Elderly of Fundão Fundão CPCJ – entity to which all situations of domestic violence involving children and young people are reported and reported. Child Friendly City – CMF is currently in the process of certification as a Child Friendly City by UNICEF.