NAME: FARO (Portugal)

ADDRESS: Largo da Sé, 8004-001 Faro

PHONE: +351 289 870 870


Faro is the main town of Algarve, Portugal (Faro square)

The city of Faro is a public authority of local governments, has a strong competences of projects preparation, the territory management, infrastructure, public equipments and services to local citizens, among which stand out the education (basic level), sports, culture, urban management, social welfare, public works, road infrastructure, economic development.

The municipality of Faro develops projects since 2002, bringing extensive experience in their management, stands out as leader of the city Urban Network for Competitiveness and Innovation Algarve Central (one of five experiments recognized in Portugal), and as a partner in the projects Interreg IIIA – Guadiana, Patrinatura, Ágora, Cohésion, Inclusión, Ibero-way; Interreg IIIC – Revos; Interreg IVB – Atlantic area (Know-Cities), SUDOE (BAHIAS and GESREM); POCTEP – ESCALA, RESORTE, SUSTER, TRANS EBT, RUTA CECE, Odyssea and IBERICC GLOBAL; EEA GRANTS-Twinning of Portuguese and Norwegian Institutions for reconciling family and professional life; MED Technopolis and in Territorial marketing initiatives, in addition to other public initiative projects, such as coastal ECOVIA.

The city of Faro has become a cosmopolitan city that aggregates a series of services, equipment and commercial activities of regional scope, which, along with its historic, cultural and natural heritages, are very important in the attraction of private investment in the tourism sector.

Municipality of Faro is also part of a partnership network with public and private, local, regional, national and international organizations, which makes possible the exchange of knowledge and experiences and also the promotion and distribution of products, services and enterprises among the partners and a support to internationalization.