NAME: Estarreja

ADDRESS: Praça Francisco Barbosa

PHONE: +351234840600


The county of Estarreja, administratively belongs to the district of Aveiro (Beira Litoral), is located in the sub-region of Baixo Vouga and it is part of a regional individuality – the Ria; it is defined by the presence of creeks and canals in all parishes.

This marine influence creates a great biodiversity in and around it, with great importance from an ecological point of view. The county of Estarreja is located in a slightly hilly area to the east and plains to the west. lt is bordered by the Ria de Aveiro and its main river is the Antuã, which demarks the parishes of Beduído, in the south, and Salreu, in the north.

The Municipality of Estarreja has been investing in Culture, where the Cine-Theatre has conquered a status already well recognized in the national panorama. We have boosted the Municipal Festivities by giving it a new look and at Carnival, making it the best Open-Air Show! We have painted the city with Urban Art and today the “ESTAU” festival attracts many visits to our murals.

The Municipality of Estarreja has a strong concern and investment in the social area, creating programs to support the most disadvantaged, applying programs such as voluntary, children support, seniors, emigrants, families and private institutions of social solidarity. Area: 108.11 Km2 Population: 26,997 District: Aveiro Parishes: Avanca, Beduído and Veiros, Canelas and Fermelã, Pardilhó and Salreu. Municipal Holiday – June 13th