NAME: Entroncamento

ADDRESS: Largo José Duarte Coelho, apartado 52

PHONE: +351249720400


Entroncamento is a portuguese municipality in district of Santarém, in the Médio Tejo subregion (Middle Tagus). It accomodates about 22 000 inhabitants in an area of 13.73Km2, being one of the municipalities with the highest population density in the country.

Located in Ribatejo, a few kilometers from the Tagus River, at the confluence of the heath and pine forest areas, Entroncamento is part of the Middle Tagus sub-region, having a strategic location in the center of the country, with good rail and road access. Indeed, the identity of the territory was built around the railroad, which is assumed not only as a differentiating element compared to other cities and territories, but also as an important vector for its projection and development.

Entroncamento is an urban municipality that combines a remarkable ability to attract young people, qualified and with higher incomes than the country. Entroncamento faces a series of challenges that go beyond the need to guarantee a social response to the most vulnerable families. In fact, the creation of conditions that promote the quality of life of people who live, work or visit the county is a fundamental challenge for the Municipality.