NAME: Borgo Valsugana

ADDRESS: Piazza Degasperi, 20

PHONE: 0461758700


Borgo Valsugana is considered the political and administrative main town of Valsugana Valley. Borgo offers the most remarkable urban river scenery of Trentino and it is dominated by the imposing Castel Telvana. Borgo Valsugana is located in the middle of the arc created by the river Brenta. This village, which is a very unique example in Trentino, is characterized by the river flowing through it and the houses aligned along the Corso Ausugum, which create a contrast with the buildings found on the sides of the river Brenta built according to a typical Venetian style. The houses expand up to the slopes of the Monte Ciolino, where Castel Telvana is located, and going downward the Franciscan and Nun monastery can be admired. The core of the village develops at the sides of the ancient imperial way, whereas the recent constructions expand towards Olle, which preserves untouched the characteristics of the rural village. Borgo’s medieval character has mostly remained intact in its urban organization, characterized by an overall view of alleys, halls, yards. Along the old imperial way buildings constructed in a renaissance and baroque style are found. Besides the Pieve della Natività di Maria which is dated back before the year 1000, it is advisable to visit the San Rocco oratory, which was decorated with frescos in 1516 by Francesco Corradi. In the surroundings, the Sanctuary of Onea must be highlighted, which was built in the first half of the year 600 and that was decorated with frescos by Lorenzo Fiorentini. To be mentioned is also Arte Sella, an international exhibition of contemporary art, born in 1986, which takes place in open air fields, in the woods of Sella Valley. Since 1996 Arte Sella project has been developing along the mountain road on the south side of Mount Armentera: consequently now there is a route called Montura where tourists can see the works and meanwhile enjoy the particular landscape of this zone. This exhibition is not just an occasion for showing artworks, but it is also above all a creative process: the works are continuously in progress and the artist expresses through his work a respectful relationship with nature, taking inspiration and motivation from it. Besides its cultural offer, Borgo Valsugana provides different possibilities to go shopping, to relax in his historical centre and to practice sport in the sport hall served with lots of facilities.