NAME: Barcelos

ADDRESS: Largo do Município

PHONE: +351253809600


The city of Barcelos is located in the Minho region, in the north of Portugal. lt is the seat of a vast municipality with 61 parishes and a population around 117,000 habitants. Bathed by the Cávado river, its origins date back to prehistoric times, having been inhabited by Carthaginians and Romans.

Barcelos has a rich architectural heritage, including monuments such as the Matriz church (13th century), the bridge (14th century), the town hall (14th century), Bom Jesus da Cruz church (18th century) and many more things to do and see in the city. Barcelos is known for the land of rooster, an icon that represents the county but also the country. lt Boasts the Unesco Creative City award, in handicrafts and popular art, the result of the creative diversity of its artisans, of which stand out productions in clay from Figure and Pottery, works in Wood, lron, Basketry and Wickerwork.

Allied to its handicraft wealth, the municipality of Barcelos combines tradition with innovation, since industrially it is very strong and competitive in the clothing industry, which employs almost 40% of active population, while it has a modem and dynamic commercial and services sector. Served by the IPCA, one of the most developed Polytechnic lnstitutes in Portugal, Barcelos attracts young people from all over the country and abroad, who choose the city to complete heir education, currently having around 7 thousand students. Crossed by the “Caminhos de Santiago”, a route of about 44km, Barcelos has its municipal holiday on May 3, when the “Festa das Cruzes” takes place, the largest religious, cultural and recreational manifestation in the territory.