NAME: Atzara

ADDRESS: Via Vittorio Emanuele n. 37 - 08030 Atzara ZIP

PHONE: 0784/65202


The area of the Municipality of Atzara was inhabited since the Neolithic period, as evidenced by the presence of some nuraghi in the territory. Located in the Mandrolisai region, the original village dates back to around 1000 BC and was built near the fountain of Bingia de Giosso, which still exists today.

The historic center is split into several ancient districts and is characterized by old houses and buildings made of granite. These structures are monumental in nature. The Municipality of Atzara has an economy based on traditional agricultural and artisanal activities, specifically the cultivation of vines. The territory has an irregular geometric profile with very distinct altimetric variations, ranging from 212-786 meters above sea level. The town is surrounded by vast vineyards and its splendid natural beauties are attractions for visitors. Due to its characteristics, Atzara has been awarded the brand of “Rural Historic Landscape of Italy” by the Ministry for “the conservation more than elsewhere of traces of than “polyculture agriculture centered on the cultivation of cereals, vineyards, vegetable gardens and orchards and multifuncional oak pastures with trees”.

Atzara is surrounded by a wilderness typical of the territories of Barbagia and is characterized by an expanse of woods that cover the surrounding mountains and hills (among the remaining few cultivated with vineyards). The town is located at an altitude of 543 meters above sea level, on the western side of the Gennargentu and is dominated by the “Sa Costa” mountain which reaches 782 meters above sea level. Atzara is located a stone’s throw from the highest peaks of Sardinia. The fauna is very varied and in certain areas it is possible to encounter wild fallow deer and mouflons. Wild boars, foxes, rabbits, hares, weasels, martens, hedgehogs and many other animals are present throughout the Atzara countryside in large numbers. There is a vast variety of birds, including a small number of golden eagles. The Sardinian goshawk, which takes refuge in the surrounding mountains and near the town, can also be spotted easily in flight.