NAME: Alvaiázere

ADDRESS: Praça do Município

PHONE: +351236650600


Situated in central Portugal, at an equidistance from Lisbon and Porto, the county of Alvaiázere is inserted in the Lands of Sicó (Terras de Sicó), where an abundance of geological, archaeological, architectonic, ethnographic and mainly natural heritage is evidently present. Alvaiázere is strongly characterized by the geomorphology of the region, the Mountain of Alvaiázere (Serra de Alvaiázere) being the highest point (618m), identified as an area where the greenery and the lives of those who live there, embrace each other to determine the specificity of the people who inhabit this territory. A knowing of the presence of richness of biodiversity in Alvaiázere which contrasts with the limestone formations that emerge from the territory, supplies a diversified landscape in which different species are evident, such as pine, oak fence (largest extension in Europe), holm oak, cork oak, millennial olive trees and wild orchids. Hither, nature and the country side are the great differentiating factors! Our most valuable assets and the basis on which we can build a more prosperous and sustainable future.