NAME: Albignasego

ADDRESS: Via Milano, 7, 35020 Albignasego PD

PHONE: 0498/042211


The city of Albignasego is located in the province of Padua, in Veneto region, in Italy, and has about 27,000 inhabitants, 7% of whom are foreigners (above all Europeans (31.89%) and Asians (11.84%)). There are approximately 11,500 families and have an average number of members equal to 2.3. The elderly population has been increasing since 2014 and represents 22% of the population. About 2,650 companies are active in Albignasego, 15% of which are run by women.

The average income for each taxpayer is approximately 25,000 euros gross. 26,430 properties are registered in the Land Registry and have an estimated real estate value of approximately 1.8 billion euros. 20,251 cars and 3,683 motorcycles are registered in the Public Vehicle Register in the Albignasego area.

The motorisation rate, i.e. the number of vehicles circulating for every 100 inhabitants, is equal to 89.25. In Albignasego there are many parks and a network of cycle paths 11 km long. Albignasego is an urban area of Padua, with which it is well connected by ecological public transport and towards which workers and students move every day: according to data from the latest population census, every day 6,060 residents move towards Padua for study (25%) or work (75%) purposes, 23% of which with public transport, the remaining 77% with private transport. The city has been twinned with Galanta, (Slovakia) since 2007. The Administration, in office since 2016 (re-elected in 2021), works continuously for a better social inclusion policy: since 2021, the municipal planning strategy has adhered to the principles of the UN Agenda 2030.