NAME: Águeda

ADDRESS: Praça do Município

PHONE: +351234610070


Located in the central region of Portugal, the municipality of Águeda is served by the national highway system. With an area of 335 km2, Águeda stands for diversity, a territory composed of urban and cosmopolitan spaces such as the City, full of activities and cultural entertainment and low-density spaces embedded into unique landscapes such as Serra do Caramulo and Pateira de Fermentelos. Águeda is a land of entrepreneurs, with a long industrial tradition, based on metallurgy. In fact, Águeda is also often referred to by the land of bicycles, given its historical connection to the manufacture of this type of vehicle, and which today finds expression in the thriving business sector, linked to the automotive sector that exists in the county. At the same time, the municipality stood out in terms of sectors important for the national economy, such as housing or lighting/energy efficiency. We are also a Human Smart City, where information serves management and technology serves people. The city is regarded as a laboratory for innovation and creative development that aims to offer the community a space for co-creation and testing of new technologies at the service of the citizen.