MB Guarnizioni, a new company partner of the Network

It’s an Italian “family ” company from Bergamo, MB Guarnizioni, the latest firm to become partner of the Network. In the industrial seals sector, the company is lead by the family of Maurizio and Clara Bergamaschi with their two children, Simone and Eleonora.

Last 28th November, Eleonora, with her little daughter Stella in her arms, represented Italy at the European Parliament of enterprises (Epe) in Bruxelles, talking about the value of women at work: “institutions need to set new chanches of development” said Eleonora, sales maanger of the firm”it is possible to manage family, work, education and ambitions, with responsability and awarness, but all this has to be understood and recognised as a real added value”.

Next year, MB Guarnizioni will partecipate to the CFR Lab at the University Statale of Milan with the Franco Vigorelli Fundation, explaining the students their corporate family policies.”

We are only a small firm” says Eleonora Bergamaschi,”but we believe in the importance of giving time and attention to the family dimension, for ourselves and our employees”.

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