Lisbon with family friendly public transports

It was recently confirmed that Lisbon and Oporto will have a family monthly pass with a maximum fee of 80€ for family, regardless of the number of household members. This measure will be introduced  on April 1st and it will benefit mainly large families since families of 4or more will pay the same amount.

The family pass is valid for all the public transportation: bus, metro and tram within Lisbon and also its surrounding urban areas. The same model will be followed by Oporto  soon.

Passes were already free for children under 12, and there were social passes with discounts for students and the elderly. Now, families who buy more than one monthly pass will pay a maximum of 80€, which is the case of large families, that represents a big saving.

The Portuguese Large Family Association congratulates this initiative since it promotes the true family ticket: that is a single ticket which includes all its members, regardless the number of children. Public transportation is a key component in building more sustainable cities, from a social and environmental point of view.

In Lisbon, it was also already discussed and approved the creation of family passes for the Shared Public Bicycle System (Gira), similar to what happened for public transport.

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